15 years ago, we launched CrossCap to create new applications for a new age of marketing. Today, our marketing management and collaboration platform is used by industry leading global brands and businesses.

CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace makes the planning, execution and measurement of marketing activities easier, more transparent and efficient for scores of high performance marketing teams.

Focused on innovation, our products continue to evolve to keep pace with our users’ needs. However, our philosophy and primary goals remain unchanged.

We Help Marketers

Gain control of content, channels and marketing performance

Always be in the know and communicate in smart and effective ways.

Transform the marketing process with solutions teams will love.

Increasingly, productivity is defined by how effectively teams collaborate and leverage the work and insights of others to reach common goals that benefit the business. With the rise of a geographically dispersed and increasingly mobile workforce, new barriers to communication and teamwork have been created. Our work-based community platform for marketers is leveraged by enterprises to create strong networks, transforming workplace collaboration and boosting productivity.

Leveraging best practices learned from leading global companies, our products go beyond features to solve marketing challenges – they will change the way your marketing team works.

Thanks to our dedicated employees and the clients we serve, CrossCap has become the platform of choice for marketers.

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