Branding Across the New Digital Environments

Let’s talk about branding.

Too generic?


So let’s be more specific – let’s talk about the rush you get when people start to connect with you on social media. When your fans and fans-to-be start liking your pages, sharing your posts, tagging you, and engaging with your organization more than your competition. That relationship with your customers is what modern branding is all about.

But most companies already know that Facebook, Twitter and Instagram matter, and that ads on these platforms can be a great value. So why do some companies seem to go viral overnight, while others collect just a few likes and never get any traction at all?

The infographic below has a few answers, and some data-driven ideas for improving brand awareness and customer engagement in an increasingly digital world, including:

  • Make sure your fans can find you anywhere, in any social media channel.
  • As with traditional branding, consistency is key.You should look and sound the same on every platform.
  • Be authentic – which basically means that your content should reflect the unique values of your company.
  • Know your customer lifecycle, and be there for every step of it.

Thanks to the Internet and mobile devices, consumers are more knowledgeable and connected than ever. If you want to earn their trust, you must join their conversations, have a real point of view, and represent your brand with integrity and authenticity.

At CrossCap, we are serious about solving problems for our clients enabling their success in the ever changing world of Omni-channel marketing.  Our Promotion Planning solution helps you coordinate the insights and efforts of everyone involved in your branding, from executives to merchandisers. Contact us to learn how we can help your brand win the digital hearts and minds of today’s consumer. We can’t wait to talk to you!

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