[Infographic] 2016 Retail Marketing & Promotional Calendar

As we end 2016’s first quarter, I hope your sales and marketing efforts are going well. This year is packed with marketing event opportunities. From the U.S. presidential election to the Rio summer Olympics, I’m sure your marketing calendar is full of promotions planned around many of the most relevant events to your business.

In case you’re still struggling with some gaps in your sales and marketing calendar, the following infographic lists 325 occasions to market in 2016, organized by month. It’s a great resource to help you fill in any remaining soft spots in your marketing campaigns.

Marketing Event Calendar

So how do you make sure that your event marketing is as effective as possible? We have a few suggestions:

  1. Make sure the events you choose resonate with your target market, customers, and your products and services. This sounds obvious, but many customers are easily turned off when marketing feels exploitive. So make sure you have a reasonable tie-in.
  2. Use a single, unified sales and marketing calendar that your entire organization can subscribe to. This keeps everyone on the same page, and helps ensure that your planning & execution efforts at every level – from executive to marketer to merchandiser to store manager – are coordinated and efficient.
  3. Try to avoid those marketing events calendar templates as they may not be flexible enough to plan the proper marketing events.

With that, we offer for your consideration 325 occasions to market in 2016:

Download the Infographic here

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