Building a Marketing Calendar

To surpass your business competition and boost your productivity, you should be strategic; have a plan and the necessary tools to put it into action. One of the most important parts of executing a successful plan is knowing how to create a content marketing calendar to propel your work and your team. 

Sure, you can use tools like Microsoft Excel or Google Calendar to keep up with everything you need to do. But why put yourself through the hassle of having your  marketing plan in multiple spreadsheets and documents when you can use one sophisticated program? 

CrossCap’s marketing calendar saves time, energy, and effort – providing a phenomenal return on your investment. Learn how to create a content marketing calendar for your business’s needs and see the difference CrossCap can make. 

Step 1: Organize Your Marketing Plan in a Content Calendar Template

If you’re a B2B content marketer or B2C promotional event marketer, your work centers on three main areas: marketing planning, content organization, and pivoting your strategy based on past content’s or promotional success.

Consistent, engaging content, as well as the right marketing tools, makes all the difference in completing any of these tasks effectively. The right content calendar template from CrossCap can help you improve efficiency, meet your deadlines, accomplish your marketing goals with ease.

Define a variety of templates to suit the way you visualize your content calendar and can most efficiently share work with your team. Take your current content creation processes away from clunky Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and into CrossCap’s sophisticated and powerful marketing planning calendars. 

CrossCap’s content marketing calendar keeps an inventory of all of your content and helps you stay consistent. With reliable and powerful marketing tools, you can focus on important goals and hone your content marketing strategies.

When choosing an editorial calendar template, consider your needs, the needs of your target audience, and how you imagine your team will work together to accomplish tasks. Once you have the answers to these crucial questions, use CrossCap to create a marketing calendar that allows you to manage your marketing plan, digital assets, set up your workflow, and enable communication throughout your organization.

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Step 2: Build Powerful Content Marketing Strategies

Successful content marketing tactics require a flexible and multi-featured calendar for consistently sharing pieces of content with your audience. Great content loses its effectiveness if distributed inconsistently and disorganized within your business.

Knowing how to create a content marketing calendar is important for guiding and supporting your ongoing marketing strategies. Use CrossCap to:

  •  Define campaigns and marketing vehicles in order to create internal alignment
  •  Establish the parameters needed to create the optimal calendar structure for your organization
  •  Overlay KPIs and other metrics to ensure performance meets desired goals

Your content should reflect the problem you are solving and precisely target individuals who can be best served by your message, product, or service. Next, consider your performance indicators. How will you know if what you are doing is working? Attach numbers to your milestones, such as traffic, sales, and revenue generated, and track these indicators with your marketing calendar.

CrossCap’s content marketing calendar is perfect for organizing a social media content calendar and campaign building as well. When you know your audience and goals, your content and calendar will connect the two. Further finesse your strategy by learning your audience and their needs, collecting data, performing a case study or researching prior studies, and adjust your content accordingly.

Leverage the power of data metrics with CrossCap’s cross-functional marketing calendars to make the most out of your content strategy. 

Step 3: Organize All Types of Content and Content Assets

Your content assets can be wide-ranging and diverse, such as blog posts or emails sent to a mailing list. With this many moving pieces as a part of your content library, it can be easy to misplace assets and lose sight of your team’s progress on tasks associated with creating, distributing and publishing content.

Use CrossCap to easily keep tabs on all types of content, including landing pages, blog posts, e-books, videos, or podcasts – every valuable piece of content marketing material you use to build your strategy for brand awareness, lead generation, and conversions.

You can easily attach documents and assets to events, tasks, and other items in your personalized marketing calendar. Shift views from monthly, yearly, and weekly, depending on how you consider your work at-a-glance.

CrossCap offers seemingly endless ways to view, collect, and catalog all components of your workflow and assets, so you spend less time chasing your tail and can boost your entire team’s productivity.

Step 4: Review Your Marketing Mix

Your customized collection of content marketing assets, campaigns, and efforts can easily be assembled into CrossCap’s marketing calendar. Build your marketing mix by adding and organizing social media and other digital content or traditional broadcast or print marketing assets. You can also organize your content by region if you are launching international content marketing efforts. 

When you build your personalized marketing calendar to suit the needs of your clients, team, and business, you can also control who sees what – keeping your online workspace clutter-free and individualized to each person working on digital campaigns.  How will you create a marketing planning calendar to suit your needs? CrossCap provides plenty of ways to customize your marketing mix, so you get the recipe just right. Our goal is to help you work efficiently and to provide highly effective tools for your unique needs as a B2B or B2C content marketer. 

A Guide Based on Calendar Tips from Top Marketers

This eBook breaks down the steps needed to buildout a highly effective marketing calendar. With the proliferation of new digital and mobile channels and the necessity to have an Omni-channel marketing strategy to better convert targeted advertising to sales, organizations have to develop marketing calendars that can help manage their initiatives and align the organization on the defined strategy.

Download this 8-page guide to learn how to achieve Omni-channel success using insights from industry-leading companies to build an effective Marketing Calendar including how to:

  •  Establish the parameters needed to create the optimal calendar structure for your organization
  •  Define campaigns & marketing vehicles in order to create internal alignment
  •  Overlay KPIs and other metrics to ensure performance meets desired goals

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About CrossCap:

CrossCap is a marketing management and collaboration platform used by high-performance global brands and businesses.  CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace makes the planning, execution and measurement of marketing activities easier, more transparent and efficient for scores of marketing teams.  Founded in 2001, CrossCap is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York and Toronto.

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