A Guide Based on Calendar Tips from Top Marketers

This eBook breaks down the steps needed to buildout a highly effective marketing calendar. With the proliferation of new digital and mobile channels and the necessity to have an Omni-channel marketing strategy to better convert targeted advertising to sales, organizations have to develop marketing calendars that can help manage their initiatives and align the organization on the defined strategy.

Download this 8-page guide to learn how to achieve Omni-channel success using insights from industry-leading companies to build an effective Marketing Calendar including how to:

  •  Establish the parameters needed to create the optimal calendar structure for your organization
  •  Define campaigns & marketing vehicles in order to create internal alignment
  •  Overlay KPIs and other metrics to ensure performance meets desired goals

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About CrossCap:

CrossCap is a marketing management and collaboration platform used by high-performance global brands and businesses.  CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace makes the planning, execution and measurement of marketing activities easier, more transparent and efficient for scores of marketing teams.  Founded in 2001, CrossCap is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York and Toronto.

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