Workplace Collaboration Software

While your team’s output determines a percentage of your success, your overall marketing plan can make or break the rest. With effective planning through CrossCap’s collaboration software, your entire process is streamlined to achieve the optimal results.

Workplace Collaboration Software

Implementing expert workplace collaboration software to bolster your marketing efforts is no longer negotiable. For your business to effectively manage workflows and maximize resource potential, you need online collaboration tools that are intuitive and comprehensive in scope. CrossCap’s cloud based collaboration software powerfully integrates your marketing processes, allowing for excellent communication and process management for in-house team members, as well as outside collaborators.

Build a Collaboration Calendar

Our workplace collaboration software empowers you to build a unique calendar that directly responds to the needs of your marketing department. CrossCap’s collaboration software is customizable and user friendly and was built with the understanding that no two businesses are alike. Your team comprises a specific ecosystem that is unique, and you have your needs for reporting, internal communication networks, and a specific audience to research and reach. You cannot rely on generic tools that don’t take the specificity of these requirements into account.

From broad scope design elements, like planning your financial year, to more focused tasks like adjusting your notification and access settings, our online collaboration tools are built with ultimate UX in mind. However you decide to use our collaboration software, one aspect is clear—it will become utterly indispensable to the way your marketing workflow is managed in the future.

Key attributes of our collaboration software include:

  • Reporting-focused organization: With intuitive options for collaboration, reporting isn’t accomplished in a deadline-induced panic. You can customize your calendar according to your reporting year, easily segmenting your time-based resources into manageable modules. Because our software allows you to attach relevant documents to your calendar, when the time comes to construct your reports or presentations, you won’t be scrambling to assemble the material you need. All the organization is done for you.
  • Collaborative workflow for creative briefs: Easily define workflows to manage and route your creative briefs across marketing team members. Structure briefs based on your marketing channels and assign stakeholders to ensure a collaborative change notifications process. 
  • Navigation that appreciates the big picture and the detailed view: Our collaboration software provides filtering options to zoom in and out of your calendar, giving you easy access to the level of detail you need. This is as vital for global planning sessions as it is for a daily briefing. You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to accessing the information you need to make the best marketing decisions for your business, and at the right time. 
  • Plenty of features and tools: If you believe your current calendar-based workplace collaboration software—like Google Calendar —is sufficient for complex needs, you may be surprised. Quite simply, in the intricate world of omnichannel marketing, the features of simpler calendars cannot respond to the demands of the tasks at hand. Your business must have access to a platform that is not merely a planning tool, but rather the compass for your marketing vision. This means seamless collaboration through screen sharing with stakeholders in different locations, and access control that can be easily managed. It means the ability to attach documents and filter results, configurable notifications, and messaging file options that allow for painless communication between team members.


This is not simply a useful web based calendar—our workplace collaboration software is the virtual boardroom of your marketing department.

Manage Your Team’s Content Creation

In an omnichannel universe, you need a content management strategy that takes into account the complexity of the current playing field – one that is multi-device and multi-media, where innovative content strategies are linked to lead generation and higher conversion rates. Omnichannel marketing is an ideal space for topnotch marketers to devise creative plans of action, but content management to meet complex needs can be overwhelming.

Our workplace collaboration software tackles the challenge of present-day content creation by providing you with a central hub for all your activity. Whether you are dealing with a marketing team that is predominantly in-house or you are managing a changing team of freelance or remote workers, you can configure our collaboration software so it meets the specific demands of your personnel structure. 

Rather than a collection of dissimilar tasks, your activity is unified into a single clear system where all team members have access to the relevant materials that allow them to fulfill their roles most effectively. Because our collaboration software is entirely cloud based, your team can gain access wherever they are and whenever they like. 

In practice, our workplace collaboration software provides:

Campaign Management

  • Optimum version control. If you have ever been anywhere near the nightmare that is clumsy version control, you know how essential effective management is for a healthy content plan. Our online collaboration tools allow you to easily track a project from inception to conclusion, hassle-free.
  • Shared workspaces. Easily collaborate by creating individual, custom-built workspaces for real time collaboration with your in-house and adjacent team players. All work is consolidated into a unique online space, so you can focus on the work you have to get done, rather than how to record, plan and manage it.
  • Link strategies to tactics. Now your team will know the “why?” as much as they know the “how?” Linking the purpose behind the execution of each marketing tactic has multiple benefits, from making your team feel more connected to the objectives of the specific tasks they are working on, to giving you consistent access to big-picture goals at every step. 
  • Access to relevant materials. Because it is so simple to upload media, from briefs to research documents and inspiration boards, it is that much easier for everyone to be on the same page. Save precious time searching endlessly for the material you need.

Ultimately, we clear up the confusion. It should not be a luxury that all your team members are aware of when deadlines occur, how each element fits into your overall strategy, and what version of each piece of content is the most up-to-date. CrossCap’s collaboration software centralizes the elements of your marketing strategy so execution is a breeze.

Our online collaboration tools provide navigation at its most intuitive. We understand the frustration that results from having to learn software that is billed as time-saving but has a steep learning curve. 

Our feature rich workplace collaboration software is built with the marketer in mind—and that means we have ensured that is adaptable, holistic and efficient:

User-Friendly Software

  • Adaptable because every marketing strategy creates unique challenges. Every team member needs a different level of access, and in a world where the rules seem to change every day, your ability to adapt is one of your greatest strengths.
  • Holistic because we understand that you don’t need another tool to deal with but a control center that consolidates them all. The nature of the workplace has changed and your team may very well be scattered across the globe. We know the need for a time-based content management system that encompasses all aspects of your overall marketing strategy. 
  • Efficient because you shouldn’t be spending time finding the right version of an important document. Reporting doesn’t have to be an arduous task, and the less time you spend on logistics, the more time you can spend with exploring possibilities with your campaign

Tools for Your Marketing Team Members

With forward-thinking features that do everything from creating Gantt Charts that track the progress of your projects, to providing voice navigation of our mobile app, our online collaboration tools take your daily operations to the next level. Our comprehensive set of tools makes it all possible—from simplified reporting to advanced filtering. 

With CrossCap’s workplace collaboration software, you can ensure that your resources are funneled in the direction where they yield results. 

Adopting our collaboration software is no longer a question of if, but when. Welcome to the nerve center of your marketing strategy. 



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