Collaboration Software for Your Marketing Team

Our marketing collaboration software was born out of a realization: the demands made on marketing departments have changed. With the pressing need to adapt to new technologies, increasingly connected global markets, and a multiplicity of channels available to consumers, implementing effective marketing has become vastly more intricate. To stay relevant, you have to move with the times; you can no longer rely on simple calendar programs and collaboration tools that are not complex enough to manage today’s omnichannel campaigns.

Powerful Marketing Management Tools

Our robust marketing collaboration software was specifically designed to help marketing teams like yours. Not only do you need tools that will assist with individual projects, but it’s important to have a so-called home base where all the parts of your strategy converge and which magnetizes all elements of team collaboration towards a focal point.

Innovative Marketing Collaboration

CrossCap’s software provides an innovative hub for marketing collaboration that intuitively responds to your specific needs. Our management tools are highly responsive and customizable, working with you and for you to increase productivity. With our software, you will have more time to be creative within your campaigns, to research new markets and trends, and to reach out to leads.

CrossCap’s marketing collaboration software offers a suite of tools that will help you:

  • Visualize your plan in an interactive format that responds in real time
  • Filter and control access to the different components of your campaign
  • Consolidate materials in one place, ensuring all relevant media is available when you need it.
  • Create and track key metrics to assess the efficacy of your campaigns and plot the way forward
  • Link strategy to tactics so work is meaningfully connected to your overall goals
  • Manage communication between team members, regardless of where they are located 
  • Keep all your stakeholders in the loop, effectively and easily


With CrossCap’s marketing collaboration tools, you can easily juggle your traditional and social media campaigns, while creating consistency across all platforms. CrossCap gives you the option of looking at global, as well as detailed, views so you can effectively visualize how working parts fit together.

Having to manage multiple channels and remote teams, as well as trends that are constantly shifting, is the job of the contemporary marketer. If your goal is to meet measurable marketing goals and KPIs that help you meaningfully track your company’s trajectory, you can no longer do it without sophisticated tools. With the complexity and fluidity of the current marketing landscape, you need responsive team collaboration instruments that pave the way to real results—and while those results may look different to everyone, the tools used to achieve them will not.

Manage Your Team

We realize your need to strategize for omnichannel campaigns, as both your marketing teams and your audiences are on-the-go. We know you need to manage teams that are often spread across multiple locations and timezones. To do so, you need marketing collaboration software that acts as a control zone, not simply a place to document strategies and outcomes, but one that is the very heart of your daily operations. 

Marketing processes have grown alongside the technology that has shaken the landscape of how audiences connect to brands. The reality is, we no longer live in a time when all our team members are under one roof. Marketing is no longer as simple as devising campaigns for one or two channels. The game has changed, and unless your management style changes with it, you risk being left behind.

We identified the need for management software that forms the backbone of all the activities of a department, making team communication possible in a way that is seamless, productive, and ultimately indispensable. 

We help you manage your team in the following ways:

Campaign Management

  • Create marketing collaboration workspaces. CrossCap’s software is designed to help marketing teams with their daily operations; each workspace operates as the nerve center for the planning and execution of marketing initiatives. Everything your marketing team members need to accomplish their best work exists within shared workspaces. With quick access to a pre-filtered view, you can easily share content and data with your colleagues. Collaboration has never been so effortless.
  • Ensure efficient files management. Our marketing collaboration software goes beyond being a simple scheduler, allowing you to share files relevant to your marketing plan with ease. CrossCap is your expert filing system, your content manager and the virtual PA you’ve always wanted. With the ability to easily attach a wide range of files to your campaigns and workflows, there is no longer any reason to forage for documents you need.
  • Enjoy easy, cloud-based, real-time team collaboration tools. Whether you manage a team that works remotely or you are all in the same office, team communication can be challenging. Our software was created so that it no longer has to be. Keeping the relevant parties in the loop at all times has never been simpler.

Improve Your Productivity and Team Communication

Far exceeding the capabilities of other shared calendar applications, our software combines into one complete platform tools that are scattered over other platforms. Rather than overwhelm your team with a variety of different apps, CrossCap has blended all the team collaboration tools you need for marketing planning. 

With our marketing collaboration software, you can improve your team’s communication by providing them with the means to do their jobs most effectively. Within the bounds of one comprehensive platform, your team will be able to:

User-Friendly Software

  • Communicate the marketing plan in different views
  • Share files with one another through our easy drag and drop system
  • Get updates in real time through our configurable notifications
  • Use voice-activated mobile navigation with a simple voice command of “CrossCap Go To…”
  • Easily search and locate any files or workspaces they are a part of
  • Understand the creative direction and execution specifications with the managed briefs

If you empower your teams with the right team collaboration tools, you do so much more—ultimately, you provide them with the space to improve their quality of work. Teams that feel more fulfilled and empowered are more invested in the work they are doing and have the space to be more creative. Essentially, you are taking the grind out of their daily tasks so they can focus on doing work that will generate results.

Streamline the Marketing Process 

You want your marketing strategies and campaigns to yield results, including generation and conversion of leads, improved brand appearance, and a unified presence across a range of platforms. You want to be able to measure your progress to see which tactics have worked for you and which you need to revamp or discontinue, all while staying current with trends that keep your company relevant. 

With the multiplicity of moving parts that make up marketing strategies, achieving these goals has become increasingly difficult. To streamline your marketing method, ensure that you have the necessary tools. Instead of adding more and more “useful” applications – overwhelming your team by constantly learning new processes – choose the one software that can do it all. 

CrossCap’s marketing collaboration software was built with a thorough understanding of the position of the contemporary marketer. By bringing all you need to brainstorm, accomplish, and track your goals into one place, we have created the infrastructure necessary to do your best work. 

Our goal is to help you best achieve yours, by creating a space for you to do your work most effectively.



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