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Tired of using spreadsheets to plan your in-store marketing programs, manually estimate production quantities and costs, and then be getting lost in the multiple versions of files circulating around? Take control over your signage process by implementing end-to-end retail signage software. Download this nine-page white paper to learn how CrossCap can help you get the following 6 key areas of the signage management process in order:

  • Accurate print quantities
  • Store specific signage kits
  • Consolidation of kits
  • Vendor diversity
  • Accurate store reorders
  • Ease of use and access to information rapidly

About CrossCap:

CrossCap is a marketing management and collaboration platform used by high-performance global brands and businesses.  CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace makes the planning, execution and measurement of marketing activities easier, more transparent and efficient for scores of marketing teams.  Founded in 2001, CrossCap is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York and Toronto.

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