Multi-Channel Marketing Software

CrossCap’s multi-channel marketing software is a comprehensive suite of tools that help you manage all elements of your cross channel marketing systems, allowing you to integrate both traditional and digital marketing elements. Our goal is to assist you in delivering relevant content that converts leads, retains customers, and supports your ideal ROI. We ensure you have access to real-time analytics across marketing channels so you can use accurate metrics to track your path forward. This is the only marketing software you will need to respond to the current omnichannel environment.

Marketing Automation Platforms Allow You to Focus on Strategy

When you think of automation, ideas of running your omnichannel strategies immediately come to mind. Automation is ideal to complete clerical duties that have traditionally weighed upon your team, taking them away from more high-level tasks. One of the chief goals of automation for a marketing team is the removal of inefficiencies across their digital marketing frameworks. The results better use of resources and individual team members feel valued and connected to their work.

But it doesn’t stop there.

In addition to greater efficiency, marketing automation platforms provide the key to better understanding your customers—and this kind of information is the lifeblood of any successful strategy. You want to talk to your customers directly and to do so, you first have to know who they are. Our software gives you in-depth insights into the people on the other side of your marketing strategies, the human beings that are ultimately the make-or-break of your success. With our software, you can deliver personalized communication to current and potential customers, allowing them to feel a connection to your brand. 

Our marketing software makes use of all channels, including  social media, email and content marketing, to provide you with a comprehensive plan, ensuring your messaging speaks directly to your leads. With the ability to provide personalized content to your customers with ease, you can fortify your relationship with them and ultimately grow your profit margin.

Yes, marketing automation platforms are useful as a campaign management tool—but this is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding their worth. Our multi-channel marketing software forms a network of communication between you and your leads, improving customer satisfaction and retention, lead generation and conversion, and the goal ROI from your marketing strategies.

Manage Multiple Marketing Channels

It’s no secret that cross-channel marketing is essential to successful marketing strategies; 95% of marketers agree to this statement. Multi-channel marketing is not going anywhere. 

While you may realize the importance of embracing an omnichannel approach, the reality of doing so can create major challenges for your marketing programs. Not only does the learning curve of each channel pull your marketing teams in various directions, but there is also the difficulty of how you will combine various channels into one cohesive platform. 

 The complexity of managing an omnichannel marketing strategy has to be met with tools that are equipped to handle the job. This is where our multi-channel marketing software comes into play. Our management platform takes the headache out of your cross channel marketing strategy. 

With CrossCap’s powerful platform, marketing professionals can:

  • Visualize the roadmap of their multi-channel marketing strategy in its entirety.
  • Use our workspaces to define a plan  with goals that are attainable and meaningfully connected to the strategy as a whole
  • Ensure easy collaboration between team members within the same intuitive marketing platform
  • Gain greater intelligence about their customers to ensure better targeting
  • Create consistency in messaging and brand development

Our software makes it as easy as possible for you to pull off productive, effective omnichannel marketing strategies that reward you with customer insight and the business growth that stems from it.

Increase Your Team’s Productivity with Powerful Marketing Tools

At every turn, there seems to be a new management platform that is supposedly a must-have for business operations. While innovative solutions and tools have made the nuts and bolts of digital marketing easier, one crucial element is not taken into account—the sheer quantity of platforms you and your marketing team have to deal with.

Unwieldy tech stacks can be the bain of your team’s existence. Constantly copy-pasting content and hopscotching from one platform to another is not only time-consuming but can also create organizational chaos. Which one was the last version we dealt with? Which platform did I send that message from? How does our email marketing tool and social media strategy talk to each other?

Understanding the need for cohesive strategy and communication, we built our multi-channel marketing software to house all components of all of your marketing programs. With features as diverse as calendar planning, planning workflow management and creative integration, there is no need to add more stress to your omnichannel marketing campaign by using seemingly endless programs and apps.  

Your whole marketing team can easily access all the data they need through our mobile app. We have included real time personalization features that allow you to adapt our marketing software to the specific needs of your department. 

Cloud-Based Software

We live in an era where marketing teams are likely dispersed across a variety of locations. Through our software, keeping the communication channels open through our easily navigable, intuitive mobile app is simpler than ever. With real-time updates and expert search and locate features, our marketing tools bring your team into the same virtual paradigm. Add voice navigation to the mix, and your team will thank you for how our software transforms their workday.

Where the lines of communication between your team will be strengthened, so too will the bonds with you and your customers. CrossCap’s multi-channel marketing software allows you to understand your clientele better than ever before, so you can form more complete customer profiles and harness this information to better serve them.

The benefits include:

  • Customer retention through targeted messaging based on omnichannel behavior
  • Lead conversion by better understanding your audience, planning your strategies and understanding where the gaps lie
  • Better integration between sales and marketing through visualizing the links between tactics, strategies, and metrics
  • Consistency, both within your internal structures and communication with your customers

Choosing to adapt to an omni-channel world is no longer optional. How you choose to deal with it is. Our cloud based software is the control room for every aspect of your marketing strategies, ensuring productivity, more intelligent reach, and ultimately ROI.




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