Clear, Concise, Contextual

Online Proofing helps you streamline communication, collaboration and approvals of creative assets. Our application will prevent rework through version management and associating discussions to your file or annotation that provide context for every decision made. Work gets done better and faster.

Key Benefits

online proofing software editor crosscap

Clear, Concise, Contextual

  • Ease of management and quality control over different versions and proof cycles
  • Creative access to changes in real-time improves productivity and accuracy
  • Documented user comments and sign-off ensures accountability and measures engagement
  • Archives create an audit trail and eliminate data loss

Custom Proof Cycles

  • Configurable proofing cycle workflow and approvals
  • Customizable annotation types and colors
  • Ability to run multiple proofing cycles at once, all in real-time
  • Supports unlimited number of versions
  • Change requests can be applied across all versions and proof cycles

Compare Tool

  • Synchronized zoom and pan
  • Pixel by pixel delta of documents, versions or revisions for quick identification of what changed

Tracking & Archiving of Data

  • Detailed logging by user, date and time of annotation
  • Mark-up history is archived chronologically

Media Repository

  • Centralized access to projects through the media repository
  • All assigned documents are deployed in the user’s Inbox & an email is sent to notify them they have a document awaiting review & sign-off
  • Documents and folders can be locked

InDesign PlugIn

  • The InDesign Plugin allows Creatives retrieve change requests and upload proofs for the next cycle in real-time

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