A Tool for Team Collaboration

Project Tracker combines project management with a real-time workspace for collaboration, discussion and document sharing. In a single interface, set-up projects, assign tasks, monitor progress and send reminders automatically. Automate routine tasks with highly configurable workflows to speed up existing business processes, helping your team work more effectively.

Key Benefits


  • Organize everything you need to complete a project in one location
  • Manage resources across projects
  • Break large goals into manageable tasks, attach files and set due dates
  • Easily track overall progress and individual contribution
  • Identify project bottlenecks and reassign tasks as needed
  • Visual dashboards allow you to gain richer insights into how your team is performing
  • Global 24/7 availability enables all stakeholders to stay up to date

Custom workflow tasks

  • Build and reapply user-driven workflow templates
  • Create task lists and assign to users
  • Reassign tasks and adjust timelines on the fly
  • Use filters to create customizable views

At-a-glance Visibility

  • Display tasks in either a list or calendar format by individual, team or project
  • View task status and maintain discussion threads within the task itself
  • Track actual time by resource and task versus project plan
  • Dashboards provide an overview of project milestones and resources in real-time

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