Digital Asset Management

Getting the right Digital Asset Management solution in place is supremely important for retail organizations. With the amount of media being generated by your in-house and agency creative teams, keeping track of and leveraging assets can be a monumental task. Continually expanding omni-channel marketing activities require more and more creative assets, and your team needs to be in a position to efficiently distribute their work to the various teams across the organization.

Streamlining the creation, production, and delivery of media and assets means equipping your team with the right tools for the job; a media library where finished assets are stored along with their versions and revisions, and an item catalog that holds product information which can be used in the production process. CrossCap has developed the perfect retail focused Digital Asset Management solution to meet each of those needs.

The CrossCap Digital Asset Management Solution consists of the following modules:

Media Repository


The CrossCap Media Repository allows retailers to store, search and link all versions & revision of finished marketing media. The Media Repository integrates with CrossCap’s Omni-Channel Marketing Calendar provides an electronic job folder which contains all related media and creative for every marketing activity. User defined workflows can route the documents for markup and approval can be applied to any document in the Media Repository. CrossCap’s InDesign plug-in allows your design team to access creative folders for jobs without ever having to leave InDesign.


Global Item Catalog

Global-Item-CatalogCrossCap’s Global Item Catalog provides a centralized source of all photography, copy and product attribute information. The tool catalogs by SKU, UPC or item number while supporting multi-lingual meta-data fields. It reduces photography and translation costs by archiving and sharing product information. The GIC feeds CrossCap’s Ad Planner and Promotions Management which allow retailers to build their offers visually and then render a concept of the final ad. The assets from the GIC are also used in the ad building process via CrossCap’s InDesign plugins. Designers can drag and drop items form the GIC on to templated InDesign documents that can receive fields like description, offer headline and price.


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