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One tool to manage all
of your marketing budgets

marketing performance management software

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Centralize your
Marketing Budgets

  • Have a single source of truth for all your marketing budgets, globally, nationally or locally
  • Share your budget with other marketers, finance and senior management
  • Workflow that is perfectly sequential knowing your options and your next steps to complete successfully
marketing management
marketing plan

Configurable based on your needs

  • Build your priorities and channels to align with your strategic marketing plan
  • Setup your fiscal year and accounting codes using your own labels not confusing acronyms or even worse mystery icons
  • Create the attributes to track your important details

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Strategize, Plan, and Balance

  • Allocate dollars based on your marketing goals and priorities
  • Build your plan with both top-down and bottom-up approaches
  • Lock your plan and unquestionably know when you’ve successfully balanced the budget
  • Snapshot your final plan to keep a record of it
marketing strategy plan
marketing strategy plan

Manage your active budget
in real-time and in a single place

  • Directly enter your expenses to avoid missing or conflicting budget spend reports
  • Quickly adapt by re-allocating dollars to active budgets
  • Automatically track active budget changes and communicate to all stakeholders