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Structured per your business needs. No need to fit your business into a tool.

marketing planning workflow software

This marketing calendar adjusts to your business

  • Easy to set up your hierarchy
  • Structure your briefs with the information that matters
  • Custom define the tags you need for filtering
marketing planning workflow software

Workflow configured for your business process

  • Define a marketing planning workflow that is right for your business
  • Route your campaign briefs for review and approval
  • Share the marketing plan at different checkpoints within your workflow
marketing campaign management software

Link your documents and assets with your marketing plan

  • Attach research spreadsheets
  • Upload your creative
  • Archive your proposed and approved presentations
  • Link to 3rd party asset management or staging environments
marketing planning workflow software

Integrate into your martech ecosystem

  • API to connect with other platforms
  • URL linking for simple integration
  • Send or receive data streamlining your overall process
  • Integrate with single sign-on platforms for centralized login
martech stack