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Online Proofing

The best online proofing software for marketing teams

Clear, Concise, Contextual

  • Ease of management and quality control over different
    versions and proof cycles
  • Creative access to changes in real-time improves
    productivity and accuracy
  • Documented user comments and sign-off ensures
    accountability and measures engagement
  • Archives create an audit trail and eliminate data loss

Custom Proof Cycles

  • Configurable proofing cycle workflow and approvals
  • Customizable annotation types and colors
  • Ability to run multiple proofing cycles at once, all in
  • Supports unlimited number of versions
  • Change requests can be applied across all versions and
    proof cycles

Tracking & Archiving of Data

  • Detailed logging by user, date and time of annotation
  • Mark-up history is archived chronologically

Proof Compare

  • Synchronized zoom and pan
  • Pixel by pixel delta of documents, versions

Adobe InDesign Plugin Integration

  • The InDesign Plugin allows Creatives to retrieve change requests and upload proofs for the next cycle in real-time