Free 2023 Social Media Content Calendar Template Download

social media content calendar template

Download the best 2023 social media content calendar template from the makers of the best marketing calendar software:  CrossCap.

CrossCap’s marketing calendar tool helps several marketing teams with managing and communicating their marketing plan. You can download the Excel export example of the marketing calendar template that will provide you a framework to build and share your marketing plan with your team.

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About CrossCap:
The omni-channel marketing calendar template allows you to easily segment the marketing calendar if you need a simple marketing calendar template, traditional marketing calendar template, digital marketing calendar template, content marketing calendar template, email marketing calendar template or social media marketing calendar template.

What is a Marketing Calendar & Why Do I need one?

Marketing calendars are essential for marketing teams to define their marketing plan and simultaneously drive alignment for their marketing campaigns. The marketing calendar is a marketing planning tool that allows different team members to plan their marketing initiatives. Additionally, the calendar also allows teams to define workflows that allow different team members to enter their portion of the overall marketing plan.
Acting as the marketing planning workflow tool the marketing calendar helps drive the process of defining the marketing strategy and campaigns followed by each marketing department contributing their marketing activities to support the outlined strategy and campaigns.

We’re a small marketing team. Do we still need a marketing planning tool?

Sometimes it is difficult to align an entire department on a single calendar yet you need a solution for your department to make the process efficient, simplified, and easy to communicate. A marketing calendar does not need to incorporate all your marketing departments if you have challenges getting all teams on the same process. You can simply start by managing your department’s calendar in the tool and once other departments appreciate your format and understand the benefits, they will be highly interested in participating. As a department you may be interested in managing just the following calendars:

  • Campaign Calendar
  • Email Marketing Calendar
  • Content Marketing Calendar
  • Social Media Calendar