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The Best Marketing Campaign Management Software

Campaign Management Software

Great marketing campaign management software should make it easy to plan your campaigns. What should a marketing management tool provide?

  • Marketing Calendar
  • Create a marketing plan
  • Define your Marketing Campaigns
  • Build out your campaign briefs
  • Define your supporting marketing tactics
  • Build out your channel briefs

With the marketing calendar planning campaigns and tactics is simple

  • Plan all campaigns and tactics in one place
  • Each team member participates by entering their portion of the campaign plan
  • Campaign calendar displays the whole plan for the campaign
marketing campaign management software

Setting up briefs for campaigns and tactics with workflows for review and approval

  • Briefs are specific to campaign or tactics
  • Status controls workflow and access
  • Notify on changes
marketing creative brief

Linking all supporting tactics to campaigns

  • Search and link all campaigns to tactics
  • View of linked tactics in a campaign
marketing tactics

A campaign calendar outlines all supporting initiatives across time

  • Understand which initiatives are
    supporting the campaign
  • When the initiatives are active
  • Message alignment across all channels
campaign calendar