Collaboration Software to Improve Your Team’s Workflow

Our workflow collaboration software allows you to leverage your resources and yield the greatest possible results. For a phenomenal increase in productivity, outstanding team collaboration, and expert content handling, use CrossCap’s marketing planner. Our software is designed to exceed expectations about what collaboration software looks like. It’s simply not worth struggling with outdated workflow management tools; the technology exists to revolutionize your productivity. With our software, there is no longer any excuse for substandard workflow management methods.

Organize and Streamline Your Content Management

If it is not already a key priority for your organization, workflow management should become one. The benefits of streamlining content management and organizing team members are unparalleled in terms of making the most of your resources. The thinking is simple: rather than trying to put bandaids on problem areas in your workflow, you should address the underlying causes. By creating improved levels of organization within your management systems, you can solve a range of issues in one fell swoop.

Innovative Workflow Management

If you are ready to implement structured, effective workflow management that will become instrumental to your daily operations, here are some of the ways our software can help.

  • Implement workflow automation. Tracking systems is a far easier task than building them. With CrossCap’s workflow collaboration software, you do not have to reinvent the wheel every time you start a new project. Through our customizable, cloud based marketing planner, you can focus on your output rather than getting caught up in the snares of redesigning management systems. 
  • Improve communication and accountability – the pillars of your team management strategy. Because our real time online collaboration tools make it easy for you to set and report deadlines, provide communication between stakeholders, and send files, you can feel knowing that all relevant parties are on the same page and everyone has the information they need at all times. When there are no grey areas, not only will you be able to hold all players accountable for their work, but you can create clarity amongst your team members. 
  • Make big-picture decisions, while understanding how they relate to corresponding smaller tasks. There are many ways that big-picture and detailed data can benefit your marketing projects. By having a global view of your processes, you do not have to wait until crisis moments to diagnose issues. The sooner you can identify problems, the quicker you will be able to combat them. Smaller tasks then become more easily related to larger goals, so all team members know how the pieces make up the whole. 
  • Prevent the need for constant managerial interference. Our workflow collaboration software boosts autonomy and allows managers to let systems run without the need for continual oversight. Through this, team leaders can focus on creative tasks that have generative effects on your organization. 


The technology exists to take the headache out of document management and open the channels between all stakeholders. Whether you are looking for effective communication tools for your team or to manage omnichannel marketing campaigns for your organization, we offer comprehensive solutions to put all your resources to their greatest use. We help all marketing team members avoid the need to revise the same tasks over and over. 

CrossCap’s workflow collaboration software provides the foundation you need to take advantage of what contemporary workflow automation has to offer—and all in one place.

Increase Productivity Among Team Members

No matter how talented your team members are, organizational productivity breaks down when individuals are not working at ideal capacity or are wasting time on redundancies. The result can be highly detrimental to your workflow, leading to:

Campaign Management

  • A doubling up of tasks. Wasted time and effort decreases productivity and increases frustration for all.
  • Fragmented, inefficient workflows. Without a global view of your processes, it can be difficult to see where the fractures lie. As a result, work pipelines circle back on themselves and unnecessary tasks drain valuable resources.
  • Disorganized version control. Content management relies on effective version control, and if this is not accomplished, the result can be annoying internal team members and detrimental to your relationship with your clients. 
  • Communication failures. With all the channels of communication available to us, it seems astounding that the relaying of information so often breaks down in the way it does. The irony is that it is the sheer number of options available is what confuses the message between teams. Streamline communication channels into one platform to avoid a breakdown of dialogue between team members performing important work on a campaign.

Add to this the challenge of managing your department when it comprises remote workers, and you have significantly compounded the difficulties inherent in any task. 

While these issues create the most challenges in workflow management systems, there are methods to negotiate them that transform the foundations of personnel management. Our online collaboration tools are the antidote to organizational chaos. We have designed advanced workflow collaboration software that will soon become indispensable to your organization. Our tools were created with a supreme understanding of the specific infrastructural needs of management systems. 

If you are looking to increase productivity amongst your team members, it is not as simple as getting everyone to work harder. Stretching your human resources even thinner than they are currently stretched will only breed disconnect, hamper creativity and ultimately negatively impact what each person can contribute. 

Enhancing true productivity requires building the infrastructure your team members need to work smarter and to feel like they truly have a stake in the overall outcomes of your processes. Good workflow management means providing your team with the environment to do their best work without being caught up in unnecessary tasks. It is on this principle that we conceived of our workflow collaboration tools, a complete platform that will become the cornerstone of your operations.  

People work better when they are supported to do so, when they have been unburdened from redundant tasks, and when communication flows freely between the relevant parties. CrossCap helps you make that happen.

Document Management with a Powerful Calendar

We have found that the best workflow collaboration software is temporally based. Teams are more efficient when the systems they work within are not only easy to follow but founded on communicated timeframes and deadlines. Quite simply, everyone knows what they have to do. There is no confusion, clambering to find briefs, or questioning what your colleagues are up to.

But where our workflow collaboration software differs from basic calendar based platforms is in flexibility and functionality. This is not simply a planning and tracking platform. Rather it is the nucleus from which all your workflow management will flow. Within our system, you will find configurable notifications to ensure that the right people are always in the loop, version control to ensure that you do not waste time on disorganized revision cycles, and the option to share files of different types with ease. 

CrossCap’s workflow automation system is the only collaboration app you will need—a complete solution to transform the way you collaborate, communicate and team management.



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