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CrossCap’s marketing management software and marketing planning platform responds directly to the demands of marketing teams. As a single system that assists with all aspects of the marketing process, our platform provides the answer to the question on the minds of creative teams everywhere – “When are we going to get a marketing planning tool that is consistent with our needs?”

Innovative Software

Marketing is a niche sphere that poses a specific set of challenges for professionals. Managing a marketing department requires a marketing operations platform that is organized and responsive, so your creativity and logistical sides are at one with each other and you can simultaneously maintain broad-scope vision and an eye for detail. 

It is with these components in mind that we designed our marketing management software—the virtual infrastructure of your marketing mix.

Create and Manage Your Calendar

We don’t have to explain the need to carefully plan your marketing strategies. Marketing teams that plan ahead set themselves up for a favorable success rate; they put themselves in a position where they are in control as possible, which is especially important in an industry built on shifting sands. 

The best place to start your project planning is with an interactive, cloud-based marketing calendar.

While there is an overabundance of project management tools on the market that at first may appear to be appropriate, there is  a major gap for a specific marketing operations platform that answers the unique needs of marketing planning for marketing teams. CrossCap fills that need, offering niche software that fits your marketing management requirements seamlessly. 

If you have already tried some of the project management platforms available, chances are you discovered that they are ultimately ill-fitting for the complex needs of a marketing planning tool. You may have found yourself juggling countless tools that were not connected, trying to export content from one program to another, using a host of messaging applications and, eventually, losing track of the pipeline of components of your strategy. Ultimately, this wastes your time and your team members’ time, leaving you in a position where you are not making the most effective use of your resources.

CrossCap’s marketing management software is founded on the idea that all your marketing planning activities should be housed within the same program. You should be able to take your marketing projects from planning to execution, without having to deal with the inefficiency of straddling various tools. Not only does our software ensure that you save time, but it also creates the kind of cohesion in your strategy that makes your clients (and competitors) sit up and take notice. The result is a marketing calendar that operates both as your north star and the metrics you need to track your project progress. 

Build Better Marketing Campaigns

The job of marketing and advertising agencies is no longer what it used to be. With the excess of different channels available, each with its rhythm and changing rule set, creating your strategy can feel like trying to traverse an entire country running on a treadmill. 

From executing innovative social media campaigns to turning leads into conversion, marketing tasks are often highly varied in their scope – making a coherent strategy seem elusive. Without our robust software at your disposal, you may feel like Sisyphus, eternally pushing your marketing mix up a hill. 

You don’t have to map out and organize your strategy alone. Effective use of our software helps you:

  • Get organized. This is the first (and arguably the greatest) advantage of implementing our software. If your marketing plan is currently spread over multiple platforms – a whiteboard or two in the office, the notes in your phone and the post-its on the desks of one of your team members – it’s time to consolidate. Drawing all aspects of your marketing calendar into a central location makes all the difference when it comes to the effective implementation of your strategies.
  • Stay organized. Now that you’re prepared, it’s time to manage your calendar – and we’ve done all the hard work for you. With expert automation, you can focus on your strategy while we take care of the behind-the-scenes work. 
  • Be receptive to change. With real-time updates and in-platform communication tools, you have the freedom to adapt your calendar as your needs change. Think of your calendar as a living entity that can grow alongside you. 
  • Easily manage and review your plan. Imagine being able to visualize your marketing plan  in calendar format with all the accompanying briefs uploaded to the same platform. Because our software makes it so easy for your team to be in the loop, it is simpler to communicate your plan. 
  • Manage your team with direction and agency. Stay in full control of how your campaigns are conceived and implemented, retaining a connection to your team members and the work they do.

CrossCaps’ project planning software is ideal for seeing your overarching strategy and the detailed components that make up the bigger picture.


Content Creation Management Software Tool

Content creation relies on two very different processes: one highly organizational and the other wildly creative. How do these two elements coexist in the same universe without clashing with one another? This is the job of the content manager—and one of the key reasons we created CrossCap’s marketing management software to begin with. 

The phrase “content is king” may be an overused trope in marketing but its meaning holds true— with each campaign, you realize (again and again) just how central content strategy is to your growth and success. Effectively managing all the moving parts of your content plan has become intrinsic to the work of the contemporary marketing department. A brand’s content is its fingerprint, how it gets found, and how you connect to your audience after you’ve grabbed their attention. 

CrossCap’s marketing management software tool allows you to:

Campaign Management

  • Create a roadmap for your content strategy that makes the path forward easy to visualize
  • Track versions of plans  in various phases of completion and easily understand the status
  • Effectively manage the various channels where your content exists and measure the efficacy of each 
  • Open communication lines between team members to ensure that they are empowered and fully informed to create killer content.

Organize Better Marketing Teams

CrossCap’s software provides effective end-to-end management of every strategy you employ and is the only marketing planning platform you need to bolster your current efforts and envision your growth. 

Your goal should be to create an environment where your marketing department can grow and collect the best ideas. While this may seem like a simple task, present-day marketing methodologies are constantly in a state of flux and development. Added to this, the amount of “helpful” tools on the market is overwhelming, so much that inefficiencies occur because of the need to constantly shift between different platforms. 

Our software has taken all of this into account so that you can focus on leveraging the talents of your team. 



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