The Leader’s Guide to Career & Company Success


This Retail Marketing Essentials eBook focuses on the accelerators to achieving career and company success by sharing tips and techniques of highly effective retail marketing leaders.
CrossCap has worked with 4 of the world’s top 10 retailers to uncover the essential practices necessary for operating a successful Omni-channel marketing organization.

Download this 25-page guide to learn how to overcome the top 4 challenges delaying retail Omni-channel success including:

  •  What 70% of successful retailers are doing to boost sales lift
  •  3 easy ways to align marketing and merchandising today
  •  The critical elements to enforcing omni-channel campaign continuity

About CrossCap:

CrossCap is a marketing management and collaboration platform used by high-performance global brands and businesses.  CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace makes the planning, execution and measurement of marketing activities easier, more transparent and efficient for scores of marketing teams.  Founded in 2001, CrossCap is headquartered in San Francisco and has offices in New York and Toronto.

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