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Social Media Calendar

Why You Need a
Social Media Planning Calendar

Producing quality social media marketing content takes time. Marketing teams must research topics, write posts, edit posts and publish posts all while juggling multiple platforms. For enterprises, this work is often multiplied by location or department.

Without a plan in place, what was once a solid social media strategy may succumb to forgotten tasks and subpar content. And when 57% of consumers follow brands on social media to learn more about them, you canʼt afford to publish anything but your best.  Whether you’re looking for a social media content calendar, a social media editorial calendar, or social media posting calendar, CrossCap is the best tool for social media strategy and planning  Period.

The Only Social Media Calendar
You'll Ever Need

Simplified Organization

Whoʼs responsible for publishing approved posts? What topics should the writers be focused on this month? How did last weekʼs posts perform? All of these questions can be answered inside your content calendar, keeping your entire marketing team on the same page.

Enhanced Collaboration
Across Teams

An enterprise consists of many teams from marketing to sales to customer service. Keeping all of these teams in collaboration with one another benefits your marketing efforts. For example, your sales team better understands your customersʼ needs and desires. Your marketing team can use those insights to develop personalized content.

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Improved Consistency

Successful marketing teams understand you canʼt publish content once and walk away. Most of the time, you wonʼt convert a new lead with one piece of content. Consistency is key.

Visualized Performance

All of your metrics can be easily tracked inside your content calendar. This visibility will enable you to improve your social media strategy and provide the content your audience is looking for. As a result, you can more effectively reach your goals.

Don't Forget to Integrate

No matter which calendar solution you choose, it’s critical that you integrate it fully with other tools in your tech stack such as Hootsuite and Sprinklr. Otherwise, you’ll end up doing twice the work. Integrating your calendar and other tools will help you createefficiencies in your process, from social media content creation to final publishing.

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