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Our Digital Media Wall ensures consistency of messaging and adherence to creative strategy by providing a comprehensive view of campaign elements across all channels. Regardless of their location, the Wall affords all stakeholders with the kind of visual clarity that makes assessing and executing marketing campaigns more efficient and effective.

Key Benefits
  • Easily create and share groupings of media for planning or review purposes
  • Keep all stakeholders aligned on campaign progress
  • Assess media across channels to insure campaigns are on strategy
  • Quickly evaluate effectiveness and consistency of messaging and offers across all media types
  • Associate performance metrics with media to evaluate results in context
  • Review how you showed up in market versus the competitionreative brief

Digital Media Wall Features

Sorting and Linking

  • Create customizable groupings of media to track individual creative elements while staying in-touch with the overall campaign vision.

  • Show historical groupings of campaigns and/or media for planning or review purposes.

Competitor Media

  • Pull in competitor media for side by side comparisons to your past or current campaigns.

Share Collateral

  • Create custom walls of campaign elements and past or present media to share with stakeholders.

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