Marketing Calendar Software

While your team’s output determines a percentage of your success, your overall marketing plan can make or break the rest. With effective planning through CrossCap’s marketing calendar tool, your entire process is streamlined to achieve the optimal results.

Benefits of Marketing Management Software

Many teams have inconsistent marketing plans at best and dysfunctional plans at worst. When you spend part of your budget on marketing technology, the goal is to make that money back (and then some) by developing better strategies with these digital tools. 

Your calendar software must be omnichannel ready – the next level in customized business technology.

Create a Marketing Calendar

Incorporating your company’s strategy and goals and defining a marketing plan for the year is a challenging undertaking. CrossCap’s marketing calendar software provides a framework for defining your plan at an annual, seasonal, monthly, weekly level. Regardless of your process, workflows are set up to assist the marketing planner with defining the campaign strategy and developing a supporting media plan.

Customized For Your Business Structure

  • The hierarchy of your calendar is based on your business
  • Fiscal or calendar weeks customized per your reporting calendar
  • Controlled access to manage and view content


If the  complexity of your marketing department spans different teams and projects, CrossCap’s marketing calendar is a necessity. This calendar involves more than simply visualizing a marketing cadence over a single month; our marketing calendar platform seamlessly conveys information from the marketing planner or project manager to everyone else on the team. Unlike other marketing calendar tools, CrossCap’s platform is highly flexible allowing you to create your exact marketing structure within it to reflect your marketing hierarchy. We believe every business is unique and your marketing planning tool should adapt to your business.

Campaign Management

  • Define your campaign plan and develop a highly effective marketing mix for each campaign
  • Easily plan your customer journey maps and determine which produce the highest MROI (Marketing Return on Investment)
  • Understand the timing and sequence of your marketing touchpoints for each target market or customer segment
  • Easily link your marketing tactics to their associated campaigns
  • Quick access to tactics that were executed to support a campaign
  • Campaign Calendar Software that simplifies reporting on campaign execution and effectiveness

Marketing plans are built from different campaigns, and campaigns require a marketing mix leveraging multiple marketing channels. Marketing campaigns along with their tactics define customer journeys that drive the customer from an awareness to an acquisition state. Customer journey maps within campaigns help marketers understand the effectiveness of a combination or sequence of supporting marketing tactics. The marketer can then make a better decision with their budget by investing in customer journey maps that yield a higher marketing return on investment.

CrossCap’s marketing planning software allows marketers to define marketing campaigns and manage campaign tactics. The marketing calendar tool empowers your marketing team to define several customer journey maps within a campaign and helps outline the most effective customer journeys.

Investing in a marketing calendar tool that provides a platform to plan your campaigns and define multiple customer journeys helps increase your acquisition rate and optimizes your spend. Today’s customer is equipped with several devices at the same time exposed to significant online and offline marketing. CrossCap’s marketing calendar is a campaign management software platform that provides marketing teams with a solution to easily plan complex campaigns and assess campaign performance.

Marketing Mix Management

  • Understand which channels are being leveraged to support a campaign
  • Snapshot of your channel allocation
  • Easily determine whether a campaign is over or under leveraging a marketing channel
  • Verify channel allocation based on original plan

Campaign planning and management requires a great deal of understanding on which marketing channels would be leveraged to effectively target customers. Each channel used has a cost and benefit associated with driving your customer through their buying journey. In this day, traditional or mass media marketing channels have limited impact and are very costly while digital and social channels are responsive, trackable and cheaper. Depending on the product or service offering your campaign plan is now required to have a mix of traditional, digital and social channels each delivering a message at the right time to effectively convert your customer. CrossCap’s marketing calendar software assists with defining your campaign’s marketing mix and effectively allocating your campaign’s budget to yield a higher return on your marketing investment (MROI).

Marketing Metrics

  • Set KPI targets and goals for driving traffic, sales and market share
  • Define your marketing plan to support your targets and goals
  • Track performance against targets
  • Correlate marketing plan to metrics and determine what works
  • Maintain performance history

The success of your content marketing efforts can also be analyzed with our omnichannel software. When a campaign is in full swing, you and your team can monitor the marketing metrics that correspond to client interaction, sales, and emails, that determine successful endeavors.

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Calendar Navigation & Workflow

Marketing strategy information is completely differentiated based on your preferences. In your marketing workflow, you can limit or share access to your data. You can assign credentials to configure which users have visibility to your marketing metrics  and change permissions as you choose.

Holistic View & intuitive navigation

  • Zoom in to a week or out to a year
  • Quickly navigate to a different month or quarter
  • Attach creative, briefs, research, media and themes to your marketing calendar

The level of sophistication you may need for your marketing management tools depends on your business and workflows. Microsoft Excel and paper calendars are obsolete for effectively planning, sharing and communicating your marketing plan across your organization. While Google Calendar can be used to manage a very simple marketing plan, it does not scale beyond a basic structure with a few users. It’s impossible to operate a marketing team effectively without providing different views and a marketing calendar that is a holistic representation of your marketing plan with Google Calendar or Excel.

By investing in a marketing calendar with CrossCap, you are giving your team access to flexible sharing tools to encourage and promote collaboration. Even more than that, you have opened your business up to a software program that offers you everything you could need to manage your team successfully, all in one place.

Filtering, Controlled Access & Workspaces

  • Customizable views through filters
  • Save filtered views as Workspaces
  • Workspaces allow for quick access to your favorite pre-filtered views
  • Share workspaces with your colleagues

Global and multi-department marketing teams typically have several marketing calendars to manage marketing plans for the different teams and it is a complex and labor intensive endeavor to present a comprehensive marketing plan. CrossCap’s marketing calendar software simplifies the process allowing all teams to manage their marketing plans in one single calendar platform. Department and regional calendars are easily retrieved through filtering or workspaces which are pre-filtered calendar views configured by the user. Controlled access to the marketing plan ensures only certain members have manage or view privileges. With CrossCap’s marketing calendar, you can create a marketing matrix of your business and allow appropriate access along this hierarchy. The access is adjustable, and you can monitor everyone’s tasks and progress if you have the credentials you can control which user or groups can manage or view information on the calendar.

Search & Locate

  • Rapidly search and locate any planned initiative on the calendar
  • Easily identify & quickly navigate your marketing calendar to the initiative on your marketing plan

Easily find the marketing initiative you’re looking for by using CrossCap’s convenient search function. Don’t waste time  browsing and navigating the calendar in search for a single initiative; simply type the name or theme of the initiative in the search box. We understand that even the most organized and meticulously laid-out marketing plans can become too dense when you’re looking for something specific in a hurry. Use search and locate to complete your work in a flash.

Marketing Planning Workflow

  • Define management and visibility through workflow statuses
  • Route and share briefing process with different stakeholders based on Draft, Active or Final
  • Assign stakeholders to marketing initiatives
  • Automatically notify stakeholders when a change occurs

When you have marketing projects to complete, use CrossCap’s marketing planning calendars to drive the planning & communication processes across different stakeholders. CrossCap’s marketing planning workflows start from the stage of defining your marketing strategy to sharing creative briefs, reviewing and approving initiatives and finalizing a plan among several stakeholders streamlining and ensuring an accurate process for the plan to be executed flawlessly by your marketing team. Integrate your marketing calendar with down-stream systems to have a fully integrated marketing ecosystem commencing from the planning through production, execution and analysis.

Let Your Calendar Software Do the Hard Work

Digital tools for effective business project management are always changing and the bar is rising for customers’ expectations. That’s why so many businesses are embracing omnichannel software as their go-to marketing platform.

CrossCap offers top-tier marketing calendar software that does the hard work for you, letting all users – from small businesses to large enterprises – optimally manage their marketing planning workflow.

When you’re ready to boost your marketing to top-level performance, contact CrossCap, the leader in calendar software, for a free demo and trial.



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