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CrossCap provides marketing campaign management software that is the ultimate vehicle to devise, execute and analyze your cross channel marketing strategy. Our campaign management tools combine the diverse elements of your current systems into one comprehensive whole, giving you and your marketing teams more headspace for the creativity necessary to conceive of revolutionary campaigns. Our campaign management tools effectively manage planning of your lead generation, conversion, and marketing analytics, forming the framework of profitable strategies.

Create Better Marketing Campaigns

The first step to creating better marketing campaigns is defining a marketing plan that optimizes the allocation of your resources. Unfortunately, the number of different moving parts you have to juggle to effectively run a multi-channel campaign is likely leaving your team stretched thin. Email marketing, social media channels, optimizing for mobile and voice—these are just some of the concerns that overwhelm even the most top-notch marketing departments. 

Add to this the inefficiencies of switching between multiple communication tools and document management systems, and you quickly have a setup where you are losing valuable time and energy on tasks that ultimately do not affect your bottom line. How do you manage campaigns effectively while not inundating your team with daily tasks to accomplish?

We designed our campaign management software from the perspective of the campaign manager—understanding that while the digital age has heralded a time where marketing campaign management has become more intricate, it has also brought us the tools to manage it.

CrossCap’s campaign management software helps you:

Campaign Management Tools

  • Successfully adopt an agile marketing approach. The term “agile marketing” has been flaunted in digital marketing circles in recent years—and there’s a good reason for that. It refers to a strategic approach to creating and measuring marketing campaigns that values continual improvement. At the heart of agile marketing is collaboration and systems that allow teams to make the most efficient use of their resources. CrossCap’s campaign management software encompasses everything you need to adopt this approach. With a focus on planning, collaboration, and metric tools, we’ve done the groundwork to ensure that you have all the campaign management tools you need to adopt an agile strategy.
  • Manage multiple campaigns simultaneously. Whether you are dealing with multiple brands or multiple campaigns for a single brand, the reality is that your ability to stay on top of your campaigns is as good as the tools you use. Through expert data visualization, marketing automation, open communication, and supreme search and locate capabilities, our marketing campaign software ensures that each campaign runs smoothly and that you have access to a bird’s eye view of your projects. 
  • Ensure better lead management and planning. We operate in an omnichannel world. Rather than this being a logistical nightmare, it is a major opportunity for marketers. Never before have we had so much data on potential and current leads, or such a complete picture of our customers. The problem is unless this data is effectively managed and analyzed, it can be too cumbersome. Our marketing campaign software ensures that the data available to you can be effectively funneled into profit. 
  • Integrate marketing analytics into your tactics. Your ultimate goal is ROI. If you are not satisfied with the ratio of what you are putting in versus what you are getting out of your multi channel marketing campaigns, it’s time to make changes. Unless you have effective metrics in place and can implement your findings, your systems cannot improve. By making the process of market analysis simpler for you and your marketing team, we help you achieve your primary purpose: growth.

Web-based Campaign Management Software for Better Productivity

A successful campaign management system that includes both traditional and digital marketing components should include the following:

  • Content marketing
  • Email campaigns
  • Social media campaigns
  • Direct mail
  • SMS
  • Event marketing
  • Print (for specific brands)

When you think about what each of those channels requires, coupled with creating brand cohesion that ties your campaigns together, it is easy to see the need for a campaign management system. Added to this, as trends shift in the direction of mobile technology and voice activation, it becomes vital for any marketing team who wants to stay relevant to keep their pulse on how their audiences are consuming their messages. 

The last thing your marketing team needs is to be caught up with a string of manual, time-consuming tasks. 

By adopting our marketing campaign software, you can reduce inefficiency and increase productivity. Your team will feel more invested in the tasks they accomplish, leaving them to do what they do best—innovate.


Simplify Traditional and Digital Marketing Campaign Planning Processes

Effective marketing campaign management is an act of supreme multitasking. You are not simply trying to execute a list of tasks – you are trying to ensure that each element integrates into a greater whole with an identifiable throughline between parts. In many instances, you want to create brand identification with messaging that is consistent across all channels. 

This is no small feat to pull off.

Our campaign management tools were founded on an in-depth understanding of how to avoid clutter and chaos in marketing campaign management. 

Unless you can visualize your planning process, your marketing pipeline will be consistently disrupted. This not only has an impact on how your resources are utilized but also has a detrimental effect on the well-being of your team. With no clear vision, staying motivated becomes more and more difficult. 

The task of the campaign manager is to distill the highly complex into the easily manageable. Our marketing campaign software is the tool you need to do just that. 

Marketing Automation Helps Manage Multiple Campaigns

Here’s the reality: spending on marketing automation tools is expected to rise to $25.1 billion annually by 2023. Marketers are waking up to a new era of marketing campaign management that welcomes greater lead generation and conversion, more effective use of resources, and significantly increased profits.

That means, if you are not already making use of marketing campaign software, now is the time. 

Beyond what marketing automation can do for your bottom line, the improvement in efficiency is astronomical. By streamlining your work processes, managing multiple campaigns becomes more feasible. 

Automation is utterly key, particularly when you are managing multiple campaigns in real time. The volume of data you have to take into account needs to be fed through an intricate processing system if you are looking to use it effectively. 

We have designed our marketing campaign management software to not only fortify every step of your marketing campaign—from lead generation and management to conversion—but to run the system as a whole. Our software becomes the lifeforce of your marketing campaign management systems.

Marketing automation has changed the playing field for those in a  campaign manager or project manager role. By consolidating all processes from start to finish into a single platform, we have been able to ensure:

Campaign Management

  • Every lead counts. If a lead is generated, it should not be wasted. Managing conversion can be overwhelming and the idea of implementing effective systems can seem elusive.
  • The evolving needs of your leads are factored in. Inbound marketing strategy is all about understanding your leads. The more behavioral input you can acquire and understand, the more chance of success your campaign will have. You cannot do it alone. Our marketing software is your right hand when it comes to planning your inbound strategy.
  • Multiple channels are effectively managed. With the option of creating multiple workspaces and views on our platform, you can ensure that each customer is targeted strategically.

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