Omni-Channel Promotions Management Software for eCommerce & Brick-and-Mortar Promotional Plans

The preferred customizable platform to plan, execute and analyze your omni-channel promotions

Key Benefits

Allocation & Placement

  • Translate marketing and merchandising strategy to execute plan
  • Define themes for tactics and allocated space
  • Allocate space to merchandising businesses based on marketing strategy
  • Evaluate promotional placements prior to marketing production

Promotional Planning

  • Efficient planning tool for marketing and merchandising teams
  • Item selection customized based on client SKU file & merchandise hierarchy
  • Broad support for offer types
  • Downstream outputs for pricing, online, signage & replenishment systems

Change Tracking

  • Effectively track changes requested after plan is locked
  • Customized approval process
  • Notifies stakeholders on changes requested
  • Auto-propagates approved changes to promotional plan

Review & Approval - Proofing

  • Collaborate on changes requested for promotions
  • Defines workflows for notifications and locking
  • Maintains history of all changes requested on creative
  • Provides reporting for change tracking and management

Promotion Effectiveness

  • Measure effectiveness of all promotions
  • Analyze event and campaign effectiveness
  • Incorporates hard and soft metrics in analysis
  • Provides a platform and archive to improve future planning

Customizable Workflow & Platform

  • Terminology & offer attributes configured based on your business needs
  • Integrated with SKU management and pricing systems for seamless planning
  • Workflow customized based on your promotions management process

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