End-to-End Retail Signage Software for your In-Store Marketing & P.O.P Campaigns

Trusted by some of the largest retail enterprises managing over 1B+ in-store P.O.P campaigns annually and saving 100M+ in print marketing and distribution costs annually

Key Benefits

Store Profiling & Accurate Estimates

  • Store attributes configured based on your business
  • Easily search and locate stores qualifying a certain criteria
  • Accurately estimate the number of visual elements that need to be produced & shipped
  • Easily override recommendations and estimates
  • Seamlessly import and export data with Excel

P.O.P Campaign Management

  • Single project management tool for all your P.O.P store campaigns
  • Centralized asset repository for all your visual elements
  • Collaborate with multiple suppliers on project tasks
  • Controlled access for all internal and external team members

Kitting & Distribution with Integrated Tracking

  • Proprietary kitting algorithm eliminates complexities with versioning kits
  • Easily defines kits for local markets and specific stores
  • Clear direction for fulfillment teams and suppliers
  • Integrated & automated tracking with UPS, FedEx & other carriers

Store Portal & Mobile App

  • Integrated reordering system ensures stores can only reorder items they’re qualified to receive
  • Stores & Regional Managers now have visibility to all campaigns and contents of kits delivered
  • Real-time order status for all shipments
  • Collaboration platform for alerting stores and informing on items to purge or retain

Store Surveys

  • Improves understanding of store information & profiling accuracy
  • Helps with gathering insights on local demographics and competition
  • Platform to analyze the effectiveness of campaign execution through store feedback
  • Easily imports survey feedback to profiling database
  • Detailed reports on survey data

How CrossCap Saves Millions on Signage Budgets

Are you constantly challenged to deliver marketing and POP at competitive costs while ensuring flawless execution? Read this nine-page guide and learn how to implement end-to-end retail signage software and take control over the following six key areas of the signage management process:

  • Accurate print quantities
  • Store specific signature kits
  • Consolidation of kits
  • Vendor diversity
  • Accurate store reorders
  • Ease of use and access to information rapidly

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