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Is the Hype around Omni channel Marketing Justified?

Are people more likely to purchase products when brands or businesses target them with ads across numerous channels? The answer is a resounding “yes!” according to a survey of 1,800 U.S. shoppers conducted by Fluent.

According to the report, 62% of consumers who engage with a retailer on 10 or more channels make a purchase at least once a week. Meanwhile, 42% of shoppers who engage with one to four channels do the same.  This is great news for retailers!  Investing in cross channel marketing is shown to increase their visibility and ultimately boost their conversions rates.

Here are the findings:

Fluent Report_Omni channel marketing impact

With 70% of companies considering Omni channel marketing important or critical to driving consumer engagement and sales, just how well are they doing at reaching their consumers across both well-established and emerging advertising channels?

The survey says:

Fluent Report_Shopper Awareness by Channel

Traditional Advertising is on Top

Traditional ads – TV, Print and online advertising, enjoy the broadest reach. Even though digital channels rank behind the more traditional channels, they still have big influence and can’t be ignored.  Mobile notifications, email newsletters, mobile shopping apps, Facebook and online videos each reach about 3 in 10 consumers.  Importantly, these channels are the ones that are seeing the greatest growth, especially with the highly desired millennials.

So when it comes to Omni channel success in driving sales – more is clearly better. Brands and retailers should spread their ad dollars to reach the most consumers leveraging both online and offline channels.  This fact has tremendous implications for online-only retailers that are focused completely on creating a digital presence.  These companies must remember that customers encounter numerous physical ads each day, and these are shown to raise awareness and lead to more purchases.

The complexity of managing more channel interactions to achieve more sales weighs heavy on marketers. To deterministically target consumers across almost every marketing channel and device with meaningful promotions and consistent messaging takes powerful tools. This is where CrossCap can help.  Using our marketing management and collaboration platform, marketers can easily and accurately plan, execute and analyze their promotions and key messages across all channels and in a centralized system. The result is advertising that attracts new and existing customers, increases revenues, and reduces marketing cost.

CrossCap gives you the Omni channel advantage!

Learn more about how marketers rely on CrossCap’s flexible, real-time workspace to make their communication, efforts and marketing more efficient and effective across offline, online and mobile channels. Contact us today for a demo.

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