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Are You Still Using Excel to Manage Your Marketing Calendar?

A man who does not think and plan long ahead will find trouble right at his door.
Confucius, Chinese Ethical Teacher Philosopher

Have you ever wondered how many Excel spreadsheets and Word files you’ve created over the course of your career? And how many times you’ve experienced anxiety over not knowing which version has the most accurate information intended to be used by the end-recipient? Detailed planning and management of marketing activities across the business and globally is crucial to achieving seamless marketing operations and steady results.

We live in a world where coordination of message among multiple channels is the key to achieving growth. Data entry errors, and according to some experts, 88% of spreadsheets have errors, lost information, and most importantly, challenges around communicating and managing several siloed divisions and various marketing initiatives can become a hurdle that takes away from the company’s success. This is where marketing calendar software can help!

Marketing executives need to use a single standardized format for the marketing plan to ensure they have a 360-view and control of all marketing efforts at a glance.

Still inclined towards using spreadsheets? Consider asking yourself the following:

  1. Are you currently using multiple spreadsheets and Word files to manage marketing initiatives for your different marketing departments? How about globally?
  2. Do you have several divisions or brands maintaining their own marketing plans?
  3. How many different marketing channels do they manage?
  4. Do you have challenges communicating your marketing plan to internal and external stakeholders?
  5. How quickly can you address and communicate the changes to marketing plan as well as having control over who and when can make those changes?
CrossCap Marketing Calendar Software Interface
CrossCap Marketing Calendar Software – Timeline view

If you were nodding while reading this, that means that your organization or business can benefit from building a better way of consolidating and executing your marketing initiatives. Imagine if you can keep planning, budgeting, competitive analytics, all marketing assets as well as the history of all campaigns in one place and have access to it at all times. Now you can. Download our FREE eBook and learn how to achieve Omni-channel success through building an effective Marketing Calendar.

For more information on marketing calendar software click here.

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