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The Retailer’s Guide to Pain Free In-Store Sign Planning : Part 2

stressed-chickenIn Part 1 of this guide, we covered store profiling and the types of store attributes retailers should be collecting. (You can find Part 1 here!)

Let’s dive right into Part 2 of our Retailer’s Guide to Pain Free In-Store Sign Planning.

Setting Up A Sign Library

While having a store database with attributes is important, retailers should also considering doing the same for in-store signs. There are quite a few benefits to creating an in-store sign library, aside from centralizing specifications and costs.

  • Consider storing an expiration date for signs within the database, so outdated messaging doesn’t accidentally end up in a kit or gets ordered by a store. It’s something you may even want to print on the sign itself. (In an inconspicuous place of course!)
  • Record information for preferred print vendors against specialty graphics
  • Track graphics using a unique sign code or SKU so your stores, marketing teams, printers & fulfillment houses all use the same point of reference. Some retailers print the sign code on the sign itself.
  • Segment between operational and promotional signs for both inventory replenishment and the store portal


While each of these points are excellent in their own right, one of the biggest benefits from an in-store sign library is how it meshes with you store profile database to calculate sign quantities and kit version for a floorset push.

The second largest gain comes from the ability to store a sign’s inventory levels from multiple print vendors. This will allow stores ordering signs to get their kits drop-shipped from the nearest location.

Here are some fields your sign library should keep for you:

  • Sign code or SKU
  • Type of display element it’s used for
  • Print Specs (paper, color, etc)
  • Costs
  • Expiration date

Stay tuned for the final part installment of this guide where we’ll discuss how retailers should approach calculating sign quantites and kit versions for a seasonal floorset push !

How does your retail organization track and store graphics for in-store signage?

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