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Why Excel Is Limiting How Retail Marketers Manage Omni-Channel Messaging

Confused Retail Marketing MessagingSo, how is the busy retail marketer going to manage customer messaging in a world where coordination of message among multiple channels is the key to success.  Well, first of all there must be an interactive marketing calendar template where each internal marketing team and agency partner can actively participate in building that message.  The days when emails and Microsoft Office were sufficient have passed.  Recognizing that, it’s time to look for a cohesive solution for this growing pain point.

Some key elements to look for in a marketing calendar software:

Must be web accessible to achieve the 24/7 availability of information.

•    Best of class tools contain basic information about each channel’s media plan. Theme, Start/Stop dates and Geographic/demographic targets.

Must hold all of the creative briefs, marketing assets, and have access for review of omni-channel messaging.

•    Store signs, preprints, direct mail all will be in production or ready to distribute by the time email, digital, website and social media begin tactical planning.

•    Briefs and marketing assets like logos, coloration or theme must inform these quick to market channels so cohesive messaging can be created. Geography of distribution must be easily visible from your calendar for each marketing message.

Must have a digital media ‘Wall’ or ‘War Room’ so reviews of the work are independent of physical location.

•    A picture is worth a thousand words and that’s why marketers have physical media walls. Today, there is no reason to move from digital to paper just to create a review process.

•    It is particularly important for the marketing team to put the pre-print next to the email while running the TV spot to ensure the core strategy is captured in each channel.

Many marketers have cobbled together some type of Sharepoint site and created ‘Agency Day’ meetings in an effort to get a handle on brand message execution. Good for them, but now it’s time to put a cohesive system in place to manage a coordinated plan.

Is your retail organization managing its omni-channel messaging on Word docs and Excel sheets? Talk to us if you’d like to change that!

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