Crafting Consumer Digital Journeys as Part of Omni-Channel Strategy

It’s the beginning of the year, and businesses around the globe are presented with even more challenges regarding capturing and retaining the consumer. It is no longer enough to have a standard customer profile and use this information in your marketing efforts. Omni-channel approach is becoming the driving force between the brand and the user […]

Marketing Trends: What’s Your One Tip on Marketing Strategy in 2018?

Happy New Year, Everyone! 2018 is finally here, and we have 362 days to excel in our marketing to achieve and surpass this year’s business objectives. What tools and strategies should you be using to be a successful marketer in 2018? We’ve reached out to the industry experts and asked them to share one tip […]

Product Manager: Turning Ideas into a SaaS Product

Effectively communicating ideas to all stakeholders involved regardless of the nature of your business is crucial to creating a successful outcome, and it’s especially important when you are a product manager for a SaaS product. As a Product Manager, you serve as a liaison between the sales team who has insights on your customers (from […]

Is Bargaining Acceptable in eCommerce?

A guest post by Branislav Srdanovic. How many times have you entered the store, picked and tried a perfect piece of clothing, got shocked by the incredibly high price and left? If you like the item so much, you might decide to dive into your kids’ college fund or skip dinner for the next few months. […]

CrossCap: The Authority in Marketing Software for Dynamic Teams

This post was originally published on Vyteo. Longevity and exposure That’s what you need For your marketing efforts To make them succeed Campaigns are run By separate teams Each group set apart From the next it seems Keeping everyone On the same page So goals are met And progress gauged Is CrossCap The leader in Marketing […]

How Can Different Industries Use Instagram in Their Pre-Holiday Marketing Activities?

The most critical weeks of 2017 are coming up: It’s called The Big Holiday Season! Are you prepared to give your best in customer acquisition and beat that Q4 business goal? No, this conversation isn’t about trying to help you spend the leftover marketing budget dollars. This post is about exploring other opportunities you might […]

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