For Retail Marketers It’s Not Mass vs. Direct Anymore

walmart customerFor some time marketing teams at many retailers have been managing their marketing calendar with a variety of unconnected spreadsheets, emails and word documents.  With the proliferation of customer interface points across a large number of channels the ability to effectively manage customer messaging has become more difficult.  Retailers need to utilize new and more collaborative technology to make the dream of concise message delivery across channels a reality.

The first step is to find a way to create a centralized marketing calendar that can be accessed, updated and utilized across the marketing organization. This solution must be able to deliver a real time view of up to date information.

The technology needs to minimally deliver a calendar functionality that can match the current marketing organization structure.  If you have an internal channel owner or separate agency for digital communication they need to see and understand the creative brief for marketing events to utilize the same logos and messages in their communication channel. This needs to be a real time and easy to access solution.

It should also be possible for channel owners to see the communication that has already been produced to ensure their channel delivers the same message.  Think of this as your marketing wall or War Room.  Current finished or in process media positioned for review and oversight of message content to ensure that, regardless of the channel, the customer hears the same voice from your company.


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Image by Walmart Stores

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