Walking the Wall

If you’re a marketer in the retail industry, we don’t have to tell you that consumers love Amazon.com. And who can blame them? Not only does Amazon offer a huge selection of items, they make it very easy to browse and compare several items very quickly. No running from store to store, searching for the best deal on the best item. No madness on Black Friday. Just log on and find everything you need from the comfort of your chair.

Some of you may be thinking “yes, research online – welcome to the Internet.”

And you’re right – everybody knows that technology has made it easier to research and compare information.

So why do marketers still “walk the wall?”

For the uninitiated, “walking the wall” is part of the review and editing process for major marketing campaigns. All the advertisements, media, and information of the campaign are hung along a wall in a conference room, and the marketing team — red pens in hand — strolls along the wall, scrutinizing each item and marking edits and suggestions as necessary. The goal is to make sure the campaign is both consistent at every level, and also aligned with broader corporate goals.

In major retail marketing, consistency is critical. And walking the wall — seeing the entire campaign at once — is a very important part of ensuring consistency.

But it’s 2015. Why are we still hanging printed pages in a conference room and correcting with red Sharpies? If Amazon can help us find the best red pen in the world at the best price – all from our couch – then why can’t we review a marketing campaign from our office? Or, from anywhere? On our own time?

In fact there are a few benefits to walking the wall:

  1. See the whole picture and the details at the same time – campaigns can be very complex with many media types and ads that vary by market. Hanging everything on a massive wall lets marketers stand back and see the entire scope of the campaign at once, while also allowing them to step up to the wall and review individual vehicles and components close-up.
  2. Collaborate with your fellow marketers – standing in a room with your colleagues can lead to very productive conversations about the campaign.

So when CrossCap set out to update the process of walking the wall, we thought about these benefits and how we might make them even more powerful. We wanted to empower marketers to walk the wall faster and more conveniently while driving better campaign insights and collaboration.

So we channeled our inner Amazon and created the Media Wall and Online Proofing solutions- a virtual experience that allows marketers to walk the wall, see both the campaign overview and details, and collaborate from the comfort of your own computer. No more coordinating meetings, no more wasted paper, and no more red pens (in fact you can mark up the virtual pages using any color you like).

Here’s how it works.

  • See the whole picture and the details, all from your chair – once the campaign vehicles and components are ready, they are uploaded to a virtual Wall, which you can view at any time by logging into CrossCap. You can zoom into each vehicle to see the creative elements and offers, and you can zoom all the way out to get a complete campaign view.
  • Collaborate whenever (and however) you want –  when you implement our online proofing tools along with our wall, you can add markup to the campaign elements, and write comments. Comments and markup are shared with the users you have given access to, enabling your team to collaborate from anywhere.

So instead of gathering everyone in a conference room and editing with paper and pen, all your team has to do is log in, scroll around the campaign, and add virtual markup. And because CrossCap is secured in the cloud, you can now walk the wall from anywhere.

Does your team need these capabilities? Let us show you how it works.

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